Why Busy Bags?

Life as a parent can be the most rewarding experience of our lives, but in many ways it can also be the most challenging. Between work, household chores and kids, there isn’t an awful lot of time left for that dinner date, that quiet coffee or some ‘me’ time.

Our children on the other hand are exquisite little brains; all heart, energy, curious, with a lot of time on their hands. Statistics show that a child’s brain is about 80% of an adult’s brain by the age of 3.

Below is a visual indication of the optimal time for development of key skills, which cements the incredible importance of their formative years.


As you can see, these years are the foundation of their development, requiring stimulation, engagement and copious expanses of self-discovery.

Instead of supporting this however, we are all guilty at some point of handing them a phone, screen or a tablet just to get a job done or have that extra peace.  "Screen time" has now been linked to childhood obesity, irregular sleeping patterns, delayed language recognition, hyperactivity and emotional problems.

Busy Bags are recommended by various experts and industry leaders as an ideal solution. They provide mental simulation, self-discovery and a great work-out for a growing mind. As they are portable, parents can carry them anywhere; coffee shops, long flights, gyms, outdoor meetings or transport.  They are not a miracle pack, just a "busy bag".

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